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Fourth Wall Tickets has been built from the ground up to focus on the needs of theatres and modern customers.

We're proud to have been built by theatre owners, performers, patrons, and theatrical weirdos.

Let us do the work for you

Powerful features to help you get back to what you love: performing.

Recurring Shows

Set a daily, weekly or monthly cadence, and your shows will repeat until you pull the lights.

Indispensable Tools

Easily view sales trends, manage shows and customers, check your patrons in at the door, and more.


From viewing your admin dashboard to purchasing a ticket, we're designed for on the go.

"Fourth Wall Tickets has dramatically improved our weekly operations. Being able to repeat shows has been amazing."

Sales are hard. We make it easier

We've tweaked every knob and dial to maximize your ticket sales.

Optimized SEO

A mysterious buzzword? Maybe.
Important to your business? Absolutely.

We make sure every page is polished for Google, Facebook, and more.

Supercharged Checkout

Every step of the checkout process has been reviewed and polished by experts.

Your customers will be amazed by how easy it is. And you'll be amazed it was ever so complicated.

Improv Tonight

Improv Tonight is the largest improv comedy app in the world.

Thanks to an exclusive partnership, joining Fourth Wall Tickets enables amazing features no one else can offer.

"I love a difficult checkout process and having to visit the 15th page of my Google search results."

We love theatre, not high fees

Transparent pricing and no hidden costs

No charge to you

No monthly fees, annual contracts, or credit cards needed. In fact, you never pay a cent. Fourth Wall Tickets is free.

Low service fees

We charge a flat $1 per transaction (not per ticket!), plus the credit card transaction fee.

Free shows are free

We don't charge fees for shows that are free.

"I figure people only have a certain amount of dollars they want to spend. They can either spend them on service fees or in my theatre."

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